Package development utilities


The package pkgmaker provides implementeations of features commonly used when developing R packages:

  • Package specific options, with the possibility of defining multiple subsets

  • Multiple registries based on the registry package

  • Unified environment/namespace access functions that work in both production mode (build/check/install) and development mode, when loading code with the package devtools.

The package pkgmaker is available from CRAN at The development project is hosted on R-forge at

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  • R version: R >= 2.15
  • Depends: methods, stats, registry
  • Imports: codetools, digest, stringr, methods, xtable, grDevices
  • Suggests: devtools, bibtex, RUnit, testthat, knitr


  • Renaud Gaujoux


  • Renaud Gaujoux (renaud at

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